7 Steps after Vemma shutdown:

7 Steps after Vemma shutdown:

7 Steps after Vemma shutdown:
1. Keep calm
2. Grab out your ”WHY” and remember, why you have started
3. Find a company with PREMIUM PRODUCTS which you can LOVE and recommend (very important!)
4. Get sure, this is no start up!
5. Get testimonials from the Internet of the product and the company
6. Find a team or a community with a professional UPLINE and a huge momentum
7. Join! And remember, everybody is now looking of a better opportunity.
— feeling pumped.

Don´t You have a company to join ?

Feel free to ask me what I think it´s the best right now.

Our team is about to grow rapidly in Europe.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
Real quick because I don’t have time to write a long message, my sources say that VEMMA is pretty much a gonner, and you need to move on, & move fast. If they don’t pay commissions tomorrow, everyone is leaving, the problem and issue is, EVERY top leader in Vemma pretty much put their entire lifestyle on Vemma checks, which means, when the money stops, these leaders HAVE TO GO….
You guys have to realize, this is a business decision you are making now, don’t be loyal, and stick around for the next few days, missing spots you could have had in other organizations.
The smart leaders already have their spots, don’t be silly or crazy waiting on this ship to sink, GO NOW, as quickly as you can.
Be pissed that I said this message, or BE SMART and listen!
I love Vemma & their products, this is HORRIBLE and I am sad for them, but you guys have to MOVE NOW, and MOVE FAST.
If I am wrong, which I don’t believe I am, then at least you prepared, rather than sat back and waited. However, I am 95% sure Vemma is done. Bk and Tom Alkazine, (didn’t know he was so deeply involved) – both all assets are FROZEN, there is nothing they can do.

Best regards Peter

And now lets go and tell the World that Zija is the place to be.

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